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Letters from Japan

If you are one of our customers then these letters are to you too!

Hi Richard-san. I am really glad that you call us FRIEND.
I have never had a friend in U.S. You are my first friend in U.S!
Domo Arigato! You make me proud.
~ Aki from Hokkaido Japan

I really love your soap. I have been using them for 10 years now.
I know people heal by your soap. Soap is a very important item in daily life!
I recommend your soap and your company to all of my friends.
~ Mika from Japan

Wow, you give us a lot! I cannot believe you, living outside of Japan and not Japanese, helping us!! That is a very big thing, Richard-san!
I say thank you from a bottom of my heart.
~ Masako from Tokyo Japan

When you need our help, we help YOU!
Thanks a lot!
~ Kazuhiro from Chiba Japan

I hope you realize that by yourself that YOU ARE DOING A GREAT THING!
Do you need anything from Japan?? Maybe I can send you!
~ Yuriko from Osaka Japan

Domo Arigato, Richard-san! We are feeling your kindness.
You are my friend too!
~Terumi from Kyoto Japan

Thanks for the expression of your sympathy Richard.
I understand why your tropical soap smells so good and makes people so happy. I'm convinced that all of your products contain your warm heart and deep consideration.
Thanks, again.

~ Tsuneo Tadenuma

"Domo Arigato, Richard-san.
I feel like I am shaking hands with you through your soap!
This is a very very happy thing."

~ Noriko in Japan

"You know, we can not eat soap, we can not drink soap, but soaps can make our heart warm and peaceful. Sometime things can take on a bigger power and give energy for living with our heads held high!
Your project is great. Really Great!
Vote for Maui Tropical Soap!"

~ Michio in Japan

"I do not have rice patch, so I cannot give people rice.
I am not a doctor, so I can not heal the people.
I am not rich, so I can not give them million dollars.
I have only my will and my heart for wishing to be able to do something for them.
I can buy soap, and if that brings a little happiness to them, then I am completely happy. If something that I love can help people, that really makes me happy too.
Richard you give us double happiness, to me and for them."

~ Ritsuko in Japan

Thank you very much, Richard-san.
It makes me so warm and happy feeling when I imagine the people, who were evacuated and staying in shelters, are using your soap and smiling. I am so sure that they will be healed by your soap. Your soap is very very special to everyone!
Domo Arigato!!

~ Chieko in Japan

You encourage us very very much.
Really, thank you so much.
We will love and use and order your soap forever!
Maui Tropical Soap is the BEST.

~ Ikuko in Japan

Your heart touched us!
I am so glad that the owner's heart and personality is as wonderful as the soaps that you make.

~Shinobu in Japan

★のりこ (神奈川)★
ハワイの香りが運ばれてきました お顔も身体もつ~るつる 朝も良い香りで目覚め
てとっても気分が良いです。 家族はもちろん周りの方々にも分けて、この良さを
実感してもらいます。 この度はこんな形で募金出来た事リチャードさん サニーさ
ん ゆきさんみなさんに感謝感謝です。リチャードさん、 日本の為にお力をありが
とうございます !リチャ~ドさんの温かいメッセージ、涙が出るほど嬉しく思いまし
た 。日本の為に、本当にありがとう!!

★まさえ (東京)★


★ちづる (兵庫)★



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